Sunday, March 15, 2009

Care Bears and Crafts

Every morning (or after naptime) Jillian picks a random stuffed animal or doll to bring with her out of her crib. Today she picked the Care Bear that "sleeps" on her bookshelf (communicated to me by fierce pointing and a series of insistent "uh-uh-uh"s). I didn't actually have Cheer Bear as a kid; I had Bedtime Bear, Birthday Bear, and later Good Luck Bear. My mom picked up Cheer Bear for me a few years back as a blast from the past and I held on to it until I had a wee one of my own.

I thought I'd rename it Share Bear, since she insisted on sharing lunch with it. Thank heavens she was only eating cheese!

Sharing apparently makes Jillian happy, when it's of her own accord.

Totally unrelated to the Care Bear, I got an idea for a craft a couple years ago at the beach. I've always been a seashell collector, and decided to start picking up purple shells. I've added to that collection over subsequent beach visits, always intending to do something with those shells. At Ikea a few weeks back, I saw a small, unfinished, square mirror that just screamed to me, "Glue those purple shells on me!". So for a whopping $5, I picked it up. Today I went to our storage unit (where I had stashed the shells since ziploc bags of shells in the kitchen don't look stellar for showing a house...guess it didn't matter anyway) and resurrected those shells. John happened to have a hot glue gun in his truck, as if just waiting for me to do my project. Here's the finished product. I haven't put the hangers in yet, but I think I'll put them in the top and hang it in the baby's room. I have other "collections" of shells...maybe I'll make wall collage of them!


Melissa said...

How cute! Feeding the bear is a great imagination play for her age! I had to dig cherrios out of Sadie's baby doll Bella's mouth yesterday after Sadie shoved them in.

Brenna said...

AWESOME craft! Looks very where are you going to hang it?