Friday, March 20, 2009


This morning was spent at Columbia Mall, having breakfast and playing with my friend from high school, Stephanie, and her two girls. Again, no pictures of Jillian at the play area, as most time was spent wrangling her back into the play area. It was great to see Tammy from moms group and Christian too, who we ran into at the play area! Thanks for the extra set of hands helping me 'herd' Jillian, Tammy!

We stopped by the pet store and pointed at the puppies and ogled the fish. I so hope to one day have somewhere to put a fish tank and have "real" fish. We headed off to Cartoon Cuts to schedule Jillian's first haircut appointment for Tuesday morning - I can't wait! Last stop was Sears, to see if the floor model, front-loading, washer/dryer set that was on sale earlier in the week was still there. And it was! So tomorrow John will head up to Sears to pick them up and *hopefully* they will be installed by tomorrow night!

Earlier in the week, my mom came down to watch Jillian for a bit and brought some goodies from the Children's Place. Jillian promptly took the skirt out of the blue bag and "hid" it from me. I found it in our living room last night, and she re-discovered it this afternoon. After being told that it didn't go on her head, but rather on her legs, she insisted that I put it on her. Here she is modeling it with non-matching shirt and socks.

She pushed her frog chair bottom over to the coffee table and climbed up on it. This excited her greatly. I changed her shirt to something that matched "better". I'll have to get over my non-matching issues, because I have a feeling there will be many times that she has her own idea of what she'll want to wear!

Tonight we went to Granny's house (John's mom) to pick up Josh for the weekend. Jillian always loves to see her grandparents and play with their toys. Stuffed Elmo is a favorite! (She spilled milk on the purple shirt, so I tried matching the skirt better and threw on some tights since it wasn't exactly "skirt" weather tonight.)

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Melissa said...

just wait until she can take the clothes on and off with out you. I have lost total control! The skirt is adorable!