Monday, March 16, 2009

And To Think, Just a Year Ago

Jillian had just turned two months old.

Now she's fourteen months old and growing up so fast! We have successfully transitioned to one big midday nap and have moved bedtime to 7:30pm. She is sleeping a solid 12-13 hours each night (hoping this post doesn't jinx us!). And starting this week, she can attend the "Waddlers" class at My Gym, for 14-23 month old toddlers, which coincidentally, is Wednesday mornings, thereby allowing her to continue with her midday napping! Hooray!!

She is a girl of few words, but has four signs she consistently uses. And she understands so much! I told her this morning that she couldn't flush the toilet unless she used the potty first. She went to the front of the toilet and patted the lid, accompanying the gesture with her usual, "Eh!". Then she went over to her little girl potty and pulled it over to me, opened the lid and said, "Eh!". So I put her on the potty. It wasn't a normal "pee" time of the day, so I wasn't surprised that nothing happened, but hey, who am I to say "no" to a fourteen month old that wants to sit on the potty? Of course she was rewarded and got to flush the big toilet, which she always follows by smiling and clapping!

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