Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Adventures in the Great Outdoors

Today's springlike weather coaxed us outdoors and we went walking with "fake" Aunt Jen this morning. We walked around Lake Elkhorn and saw some woodpeckers (Jen loves birdwatching and is educating us) and even caught a turtle sunning itself on a log!

This afternoon some of the moms group moms met at the Meadowbrook playground to loose the babies and give them some exercise and fresh air.

Jack greeted Jillian when we arrived.

After Em1 and Brooks arrived, we herded the little ones into the tennis courts - I'll have to remember some tennis balls or something next time.

Jack and Jill practiced their doubles positions.

Brooks made sure the net was set up properly.

Words were passed between the doubles partners. Doesn't look like they were pleased with the match results.

We vacated the tennis courts for more playground play, since some folks arrived that actually wanted to play some tennis. Jillian investigated the rock climbing wall.

At my insistence, Jillian tried out the hat that was too big for her last summer. Looks like it'll be a winner this year!

And Jocelyn got out of her stroller to practice walking around - it looks like she'll be carousing with the rest of the walkers before we know it!

And this just in from Emily - Jillian (with mom's help) on the zip line!

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Carlson Family said...

I love, love, LOVE the sunglasses! I can't believe she keeps them on.