Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We Heart Ikea

This afternoon we took a quick trip to Ikea (sorry we missed each other for this trip, Emily, next time!). I'd seen the awesome bibs with sleeves they sell and had to get some for my messy baby.

I do wish they had come in some "girly" colors, too.

She wasn't so sure about them, but mommy is!

Although we only wanted to pick up the bibs, we ended up picking up a couple other things, including this awesome barn and farm animal set.

Jillian loved playing with it when we got home. I could have sworn that she was trying to make the animal sounds while she played with them.

Then she decided to try to play in the barn. Guess it reminds her of her Peapod tent that she has in her room.

The cat wanted a go at it too.

Gus did fit inside much better than Jillian did.


Casy Schweickart said...

I love the pic with her trying to get into the barn!! That is too cute!

The Kento Beans said...

Argh-- I STILL haven't been to IKEA since Brooks was born! We did get that barn as a baby gift, though-- it is very cool!! Glad Jillian is enjoying it. Maybe she can teach B about "real" play! :-)

bebe said...

i SO want to go to IKEA!! i haven't been since before the birth of the prince.


em, play for boys means: yelling, throwing things, running, smashing things together, or combinations of the above. little girls are more sophisticated.