Sunday, February 8, 2009

Washington Auto Show

For years, John has gone to the Washington Auto Show. Ever since I've known him, I've gone along and we've taken his son Josh (except last year when we had a very newborn at home...). The last year we went, 2007, it was so crowded that we had just about sworn off the show for good. But since the weather was so nice today, we braved it and headed to DC, thinking that if it was crazy busy, it was beautiful enough to tool around the District and find something else to do. I am SO glad we went. Perhaps the economy is bad enough to have kept people away, or perhaps it's because we went on the last day instead of on a Saturday, but I've never seen it so NOT crowded. Not good for the show, but good for us to walk around!

Green was clearly the theme (as expected) and alternative fuel vehicles and concept cars abounded. Here's a glimpse of some of what we saw today:

Mitsubishi's MiEV, concept car.

Josh wishing he was of driving age.

Ford had quite the setup for their Flex.

Saturn is getting on the "green" wagon, too, with their Vue.

The Dodge Grand Caravan was my favorite minivan. For an SUV, I liked the Chevy Trailblazer SS, too. Of course, neither of those is especially green.


We let Jillian out of her stroller for a little walk - she isn't thrilled with her backpack harness/leash yet, but I think she was happy to get out and walk around a bit.

Karma by Fisker - by far the nicest paint job at the show.

Josh posing with the "real" VW Bug - the one from the commercials. Oh how I miss my '71 Bug convertible!

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Melissa said...

I miss your '71 Bug too! The fun we had hanging out in it!!! Even when you had to start it from the glove compartment.....