Friday, February 6, 2009


We went to Granny's tonight (John's mom) to pick up Josh for the weekend. Despite all the toys she has, Jillian found herself a pad of paper and pencil.

She enthusiastically carried them both around, scribbling on the paper.

I know they say you really can't tell whether a baby is going to be a "righty" or a "lefty" until later on, but she definitely showed a preference tonight for holding the pencil in her right hand. Several times, I'd hand it to her in her left hand and she'd put it back in her right hand and if she dropped it, she'd pick it up in her left hand and transfer it to her right hand.


Jen Sellers said...

Yeah, I've heard that it can be as late as 5 or 6 years old before a writing hand is defined, but I agree with you. Molly clearly prefers her right hand and has for a while. I think these girls have made up their minds.

bebe said...

awesome! amedeo goes for the stuff that isn't a toy also...we could put them all away, and he'd be happy.