Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blogging Buddies and Body Parts

C'mon now - you knew I couldn't blog about something without referencing the baby, right?

Last night we ventured out to Second Chance Saloon in Oakland Mills Village Center for a bad. sweater. party. It was great to hang out with some fellow HoCo bloggers and meet them in person for the first time. And it was really cool to get invited to Ladies Night Out the following night! I think that perhaps John and I were the only ones wearing bad sweaters, and the jury's out on whether or not my selection was in fact, a BAD sweater. I'll do a poll with a picture this weekend and let you bloggers decide.

I headed back to Second Chance tonight for Ladies Night Out (after I made dinner and put the baby to bed...lest you think I'm neglecting my motherly duties...). A fantastic time was had by all (I assume - there must have been 40-50 chicas there), and especially by me! Thank you so much for inviting me Mary Kate!

Oh, yeah, the body parts! Jillian can successfully identify her belly and her head without us showing her where they are. The only thin is, if we start with the belly, she gets fascinated with her belly button! So we have to remember to ask her about her HEAD first!

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Anne said...

It was great to meet you at Ladies' Night!