Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Birthday Celebration!

Today our moms group got together at Brenna's (who graciously opened her home up to the chaos!) to celebrate the babies' first birthdays. There was quite the turnout, all the food was fantastic and fun was had exchanging gifts and chowing down on cupcakes!

After we got home, and had a nap, Jillian tried out her new playmat that she got as a birthday gift from Jaden and Dana.

She liked the way it felt on her feet, but alas, nothing that is "put together" will stay together with Jillian around!

I came up with "Plan B"...I put the mat together with just the interactive pieces (it makes animal sounds!) and put it up in her newly rearranged bedroom.

Over the weekend, I rearranged Jillian's bedroom, to make it more of a bedroom than a nursery. Even though her room is pretty small, she now has a little play corner with her bookshelf and toy box. This is also a nice step for us to start taking her living room basket of toys into her room little by little, and eliminate a little baby clutter!

John suggested giving her a cot to lay on for naps, and since we don't have a cot, I set up her PeaPod. She loves playing in it, and even took a nap in it the other day!

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