Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Windy City

As promised, the adventure continues, with pictures.

Our swanky hotel room (Presidential Suite!); how on earth we got upgraded for no additional cost is beyond me!?!

The living and dining area I swear was longer than the footprint of our townhouse.

The bedroom wasn't as enormous, but the bed was the most comfortable bed in which I've slept. Possibly ever. I SO didn't want to leave.

The master bath (yes, we had two bathrooms) was also ginormous and I enjoyed a long relaxing bath with a book our second night.

This was the view of Tuesday's sunrise from our awesome suite. We had a beautiful view of the lake, but it was a bit eerie that it just sort of faded off into the horizon. There was never a real definite horizon line to see.

This isn't the best shot of our view out of the dirty window, but it shows the lake frozen with the newly fallen snow laying atop the ice.

Tuesday afternoon I did a little sightseeing (after a nap in the fabulous bed - I cannot say enough about how wonderful the bed was) while John was still at the conference attending a couple seminars. I only ventured as far as I wanted to walk, and I forgot how much I like being in a city. I find that I do a lot of walking and don't ever mind the distances. I walked a good two or three miles down Michigan Avenue, aka The Magnificent Mile, and didn't bat an eye.

The John Hancock Building

The Farmer and his Wife

The Chicago River

The Bean

Nathan Hale Statue

The Disney Store (I found a great deal on an adorable Tinkerbell dress for Jillian to play dress-up...tune in later this week for those pictures).

The historic Water Tower at dusk in the snow.

This was a glass sculpture suspended from the ceiling at the McCormick Place Convention Center. I took a bunch of pictures, but these few are my favorites.

And a skyline picture complete with Soldier Field.

We definitely made the most of our short trip, and I want to go back and see more of the city - preferably in the summertime!


The Kento Beans said...

I've never spent time in Chicago but I just read about how it's a city of architecture and your pics sure show that! And I think it's crazy that my best friend from college and her husband got a major upgrade at the place they stayed for a getaway on Saturday night-- it's like it was super secret upgrade thing going on and I'm sad I missed out! :-)

Carlson Family said...

Wow...what a great hotel room!! Sounds like a fun, but cold, trip!

Emily said...

I can't belive the river was frozen! Brrr...

bebe said...

That glass sculpture is neat! What a great trip!