Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Relatively Uneventful

Today was relatively uneventful. We hung out at home this morning and played before a nap and heading to My Gym for class. Jillian has started using her activity table as her "play base". She'll take whatever toy, doll, book, dvd, etc. that she wants to play with, put it in the table, then climb into the table with it to play. It's strange, but kind of cute, too.

Tonight, Jillian accompanied me to choir practice. Usually this doesn't present a bedtime problem, but tonight it did. She just didn't think she was tired. So she got to stay up, play, and wear herself out a bit. She was getting tired in this picture.

Then she climbed into her table with "Anabel" and kissed her goodnight. What a sweetie (sometimes...).

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