Saturday, January 10, 2009

Random Pictures and Videos

Today was sort of all over the place. We played. We ate. We picked on the cat. We had friends over to watch the football game.

I caught Jillian smiling on camera today for the first time in...weeks! (She is a very serious girl.)

Then she played with her binkie for a bit, putting it in her cup and trying to "drink" it out. She actually did get it in her mouth by drinking it out of the cup, but alas, that moment was not to be captured on video.

Our friends Paul and Patti came over this afternoon to watch the football game and Jilly was fascinated with GrandPaul's Blackberry.

The last random thought I'd like to share is a video of us picking on our cat, Gus. Gus loves people food, and has less than perfect manners. He's a thief. Occasionally, we'll have a bit of food left over that we know he likes, and we'll oblige him and share. Sometimes, though, we make him work for it. Apparently, I got perfect placement on the ham today. We were amused for quite some time. Cat lovers don't despair...after all his hard work, we gave him the ham.

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Casy Schweickart said...

That is so funny...we do a similar thing with our dog Charm. It is tons of fun!