Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pre-Chicago Prep

I haven't blogged in a few days, and it feels weird, so I thought I'd do a quickie from the Windy City.

Our weekend was fairly low-key and rather un-blogworthy. Jillian did attend a demonstration class for Kindermusik on Saturday morning. It was nice, but since we're enrolled in a class at My Gym and she absolutely LOVES that, I think we'll hold of on enrolling in any other classes. Saturday afternoon was spent on a search for long johns for our trip. Found a pair for John at Bass Pro shop and a pair for me at the Leggs/Hanes/Bali outlet. Hooray for Arundel Mills!

Sunday I had what I like to call another mommy-learning-moment. After church, Josh went to Sunday School and John and I used to go to Adult Sunday School. We're trying to attend again, so I took Jillian to the nursery at church. It's tough for her already, since I have to wake her up for church to get there early enough to practice with choir, and by the time our service is over, it's her naptime. I took one of the pagers, signed her in, and John and I went to our Sunday School class. About 3/4 of the way through class, I looked down at the pager, only to find that it was in the "off" position. Whoops! I'm already on track for a mother-of-the-year award...I can feel it now! Lesson learned: make sure to turn the pager on when leaving a sleepy, crying toddler in the nursery.

Monday was spent mostly getting things ready and packed to have Jillian travel with her Bubby to visit for a couple of nights in Southern MD and getting us packed for the trip. After sending Jillian off and packing us up (including gathering 3 oz or smaller containers for our carry-on toiletries) we headed for BWI and had an blessedly uneventful flight and arrival. We got to our hotel and were assigned a room on the *gulp* 29th floor. Following signs to our room, we arrived at a two-doored suite, thinking, this can't be ours! But alas, the key worked and the Presidential Suite is ours! After suffering with a migraine our first night here, I bucked up and joined John at the AHR Expo this morning. I left him around lunchtime and returned to the hotel to recharge and do some sightseeing. More to blog about when I get home and get my pics uploaded!

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Rita said...

Enjoy yourself and can't wait to see all the pictures when you get home.