Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Stuff

Motivated by Emily's post of letting Jack try out silverware, I served Jillian a dinner of mashed potatoes, green beans and pears in a bowl tonight, and gave her a spoon. She mostly used her hands to shovel it in, but occasionally she tried out the spoon. You'll notice a bandage on her left hand. At the playground last week, she took quite a few spills, and being the tough little girl that is, didn't fuss one bit. The problem with this of course, is that I had no idea she had cut her hand. Being the ever-so-observant mother that I am, I didn't notice the cuts until the next day, and while it looked like they were healing up fine, as of this morning they were a little infected. So after a little poking to make sure there wasn't anything still in them, we cleaned them up good, slathered them with Neosporin, and put a bandaid on them. It's tough to keep a bandaid on a baby's hand, so after two thwarted attempts, I pulled out the surgical tape (don't ask why I have surgical tape, who knows?) and wrapped it over an oversized bandaid.

After bath time, we tried out the new elephant hoodie towel that Jillian's Bubby and Paw-Paw gave her for Christmas. She isn't overjoyed about it, but I think it's just ADORABLE!


bebe said...

I've never seen an elephant bath towel. Definitely very very cute!!!

Yay for using a spoon. We're not ready for that kind of sophistication yet. THough, I guess I could try it and see what happens...

Emily said...

I'm glad I could be inspirational :-)