Friday, January 23, 2009

Mac 'N Cheese Please!

Or not so much. I tried one of those little toddler meals for Jillian this evening, and at first it in a little bowl for her. After many near tosses on the floor, I broke down and just spread it out for her on her tray. She only actually ate about 1/3 of it, but she really liked the sound of it gushing through her fingers. She had mac 'n cheese up to her elbows!

Jillian still really loves her Gymboree purse (consignment store purchase!). She learned how to put it on her arm instead of just carrying it around in her hand. Now she totes it around everywhere like such a big girl!


Emily said...

Too cute! I'm going to steal her from you!

Carlson Family said...

We have similar issues with bowls! I can't believe she's walking around carrying a purse! 1 going on 13... ;)

bebe said...

Now all she needs are some car keys!