Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just Stuff

Jillian did lots of cute things today.

My camera was not out to capture the following shenanigans:
1. She played with the toilet plunger while I showered this morning and took the plunger-holder (bowl shaped) into her room - YUCK!
2. After I got out of the shower she saw me blow my nose (I'm a loud nose blower) and she took the diaper that she had been walking around with and put it to her face and made raz sounds to imitate me.
3. She unscrewed the nobs from the cabinet on which our TV sits. Both of them. Right in front of us with neither of us noticing.

A while ago I decided to start trying a new fruit and vegetable each week. So far pears and oranges have been a win. Raspberries not as much. Green beans weren't her favorite, but I think I left them too crunch (I hate mushy veggies). Peas are the veggie this week. I believe she likes them because she can pick them up easily.

After she finished her dinner, she tried out looking through her bowl. She's pretty fascinated with it being see through - a point of frustration for us WHILE she's eating.

And I have one last tidbit to share. A couple weeks ago I joined Sams Club. Today I bit the bullet and did some shopping there (I'm in the store every week for my part-time job). I decided to try and cut down on grocery costs with the Enercient start-up. We got a Food Saver for a wedding gift (which is awesome!) and about a week ago I cleaned out our freezer. So today I bought heaps of steak, chicken breasts and pork chops to freeze in two and three serving portions. Now my big challenge will be planning dinners a day ahead so I can defrost!!


bebe said...

I find meal planning to be difficult. But, it is much easier to not go to the store or rely on takeout when I do a week's worth of planning. Usually I try to plan a chicken meal followed the next night by an easy thing involving leftover chicken.
I like the website I tried to find a meal planning site that would do your weekly menu, but I couldn't find anything like that. Good luck! I love hearing about cooking adventures...let me know how it goes!

Party of Eight said...

We just joined Costco the other day! Spent three hours and an undisclosed amount of money. I must say that i really dislike meal planning. Its a pain but i have to do it, for so many reasons. I bought a couple of whole chickens to cook and made a mean chicken pot pie yesterday. If you have any frugal recipes, please share!