Friday, January 9, 2009

I Want to Read Mary's Blog

No, I'm not talking about some random friend. I'm talking about Mary. The mother of Jesus, Mary. I don't know if she would have been the blogging type, but if she would have been, I would have subscribed.

Over Christmas I started thinking about it. Was Jesus a good baby? Or, being subject to human biology, did he have the same fits and quirks that the rest of normal babies have? Did Mary wonder, "am I ever going to get a good night's sleep again?"? Did she feel bad for wondering that? Did she ever hand Jesus over to Joseph after trying to get baby Jesus back to sleep again saying, "It's YOUR turn!"? If she had to get up after JUST falling asleep to a baby who wouldn't be consoled, did she sit and rock and rock and rock with Him, only to really be thinking, "Please go back to sleep soon - I really have to pee!"?

Did she know that she was parenting the Word made flesh? For real? Wow. I try to think about that when I get frustrated. On nights like last night and tonight, when Jillian gets up and just won't go back to sleep, determined to be awake and be catered to. I try to remind myself that she too is God's child, for whom we've be entrusted to care. And I like to think that perhaps Mary got frustrated too.


bebe said...

I wonder whether Jesus had temper tantrums.

The Kento Beans said...

Wow--what an interesting question to ponder! In any case, I'm sorry Jillian's sleep patterns are causing frustration. I hope it gets better soon! It is pretty humbling to think about the wonderful gift we've each been given to care for, isn't it? Have a great weekend.

PS-- My word verification is "fibless" so I'm sure glad I didn't do any lying above!