Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Scrap Tire Playground

Today we decided to take advantage of the milder weather and check out the scrap tire playground at the Patapsco Valley State Park Hilton Area. I've been wanting to visit for a while, but wanted to wait until Jillian could really "play". She teetered around as best she could (the ground is a slight hill) and didn't do as much climbing as I thought she would. We played there for about an hour and a half, and she was NOT ready to leave and let me know it! The ground was colder and wetter than I'd have liked, but Jillian didn't seem to mind and had fun playing on the tires, chewing on sticks, falling in the leaves, and getting dirty!

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bebe said...

That place is AWESOME! We stumbled across it while taking a hiking detour (BK...Before Kid) I can't wait to visit with Amedeo. That would also be a great place to have a playgroup.