Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm Too Sexy for These Shoes!

Today we ventured to Stride Rite to buy Jillian her first pair of "real" shoes. Now that she's really on the move, I figured it was time to break down and do it, since she certainly can't go barefoot outside this time of year.

Here she is modeling her new shoes.

She had a tough time getting used to them at first, especially on the carpet, but she was determined to get the hang of it. Either that or practicing her runway modeling.

We also played with our piggy bank that we got for Christmas. Amazingly, she has already lined a couple up to put in all by herself!


Carlson Family said...

Sign her up for America's Next Top Model....she's got the runway walk down! Hysterical!

Emily said...

back and forth, back and forth... it cracks me up. I like to see it next with the bucket on her head!

bebe said...

those shoes are great!!! you're so brave to get white!
that piggy bank is a great idea. the shape sorters with all of those different complex shapes are a little too old for the babes...that one looks perfect!!!