Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Tree

We've been trying to figure out how to do a Christmas tree this year. Jillian's main play area, our living room, is also where we do our, well, living. So that's of course where we could enjoy a Christmas tree. After a botched attempt at a 2ft 3-pack of "indoor/outdoor" trees from Target (which were clearly only meant for outdoor use, as they only came with stakes to hold them up), I picked up a fake 7ft, narrow, fake tree at Joann today, for 50% off. And set it up in the pack-n-play. Because clearly the baby won't use it. It's not our biggest or most spectacular, but it was relatively easy to set up and decorate (minimally because of its size). I was even able to fold down the upper branches to make room for our angel. We officially have a Christmas tree!!

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Jen Sellers said...

Oh my goodness!! That made me laugh out loud!!