Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Weekend Travels

John took off work on Halloween, so we took a little day trip to DC. We visited the National Gallery of Art.

They had an exhibit on Pompeii and the Roman Villa.

We walked along the mall and checked out the sights.

Then we had lunch at Gordon Biersch. The staff was all dressed up for Halloween, and our waitress was dressed as a doctor. Jillian charmed her so much that she let little Jilly play with her stethoscope during lunch. It was a HUGE hit.

On Saturday, we went up to my mom's house so that John could help my step-dad hook up their hot tub. Jillian had fun checking out their yard Halloween decorations. Frankenstein is BIG.

She really liked watching the black cat go in and out of the pumpkin. It was fascinating.

Mom's neighbor Miss Joann had a very picturesque fall/Halloween setup that we used as a backdrop here.

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