Friday, November 14, 2008

Good Choices...and Bad Choices

Jillian has taken to carrying things around with her. Yesterday for the second time, she dragged my Cowboys jacket off of a chair and carried it around the living room for a while, before carrying it all the way upstairs with her.

While this pleased me, I had to do a test. I got out daddy's identical style Redskins jacket and put them in the same manner on the piano bench, then let her go.

Her choice is clear. This is a change from her previous affinity to Redskins colors.

We ordered dinner tonight from Pazani in Elkridge. Waiting for it to arrive, Jillian was getting a mite peckish.

Then dinner arrived. We've always given Jillian pasta to eat with us, and she's done just fine with it. She was super hungry this evening, and kept shoveling it in. Daddy's penne pasta, mommy's gnocchi, her ravioli. It was a messy event.

After dinner we proceeded with our bedtime routine, but tonight Jillian got to take a bath in the big people tub (after an unfortunate incident involving the cat's back claws and the inflatable duck tub). She did just fine in the big tub, although she was a bit sleepy.

Jillian was very sleepy after her bath.

About an hour after she went to sleep, I heard her up coughing a little. Then crying a little. I smelled it as soon as I hit the top step. Apparently we gave our sweet little angel too much rich Italian food, and her tummy was not pleased. YUCK! Poor thing!!! (NOTE: I didn't take a picture of the vomiting incident - I was too busy doing emergency laundry)

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Carlson Family said...

I'm sorry Jillian's tummy did not like Pazani as much as I do! We just started using the big girl tub with Cadence this week too!