Friday, November 21, 2008


Jillian is a little climber and has figured out how to wiggle her way out of the "seat belt" in the front of shopping carts. She's tumbled into the big basket from the front and tried to climb onto the trunk of the car in the parking lot, all while being "buckled in". Today we tried something different - distraction! At Harris Teeter they have shopping carts with steering wheels up front, but they're different than the lower ones at other stores - they are up at the same height as the regular front basket of the cart. My only concern was that it would have her facing away from me. Well, I need not have worried. I strapped her in and had a wiggle free grocery trip - hooray!!!

1 comment:

bebe said...

she is so crazy! glad you found a solution....but now you can only shop in one place :)