Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Last night Josh got sick, same sort of flu bug that I had a couple weeks ago. So needless to say, none of us really got much sleep. After church this morning, my project was clean and disinfect! Keep your fingers crossed for us that Jillian comes out of this unscathed again.

After our bout of cleaning, Jillian and I went to the mall to pick up my repaired wedding band and grab lunch. Then we drove across the street to get a walk in on this lovely fall day! We did learn that apparently, Lake Kittamaqundi doesn't have a "loop trail" like many of the other lakes do, so we walked a trail one direction for about 20 minutes and then headed back.

A squirrel in a tree:

Pretty colors:

Some kind of bird (I'm SO not up on my waterfowl...):

The obligatory picture of the "people tree":

Later this evening Jillian spent some time playing and climbing. She pulled the DVDs off the cases as usual, then got a little devious. She had a Star Wars box set in front of her activity table and decided to use it as a step ladder and climb on top of the table. She's NUTS!!

One last note: I will proclaim that Jillian can officially put herself to sleep! Hooray! After just one week of a consistent routine and letting her do a little fussing, she now goes down in her crib after a bath, bottle and book and does a little rolling around before falling asleep. And no tears - even when I walk out of the room!!!


Carlson Family said...

She is such a little daredevil! And YAY for putting herself to sleep!

Emily said...

It's a blue Heron.