Monday, October 6, 2008

Tiring Out

Since Jillian has been having some sleep problems, namely that she doesn't want to do it anymore, I thought I'd try to tire her out good today. First, we went for a walk around Lake Elkhorn. I haven't been the best at getting us out for walks over the last couple months, and the last time we were there, Jillian was a lot less interested. Today was tons of fun. Jillian got to touch all kinds of different plants, flowers and leaves and she watched a squirrel play and a friendly puppy came over with its owner and gave her kisses on the hand!

When we got home, Daddy was home already, so we went with him to the mall so he could get a new suit. We had dinner and it was EMPTY at the mall, so I thought we'd check out the play area and see if it too was not crowded. And we were in luck! There were a couple kids there, but really it was the least crowded I'd ever seen it, so we let Jilly play for a while. She really liked it!

She wasn't so sure about crawling through the tunnel.

She loved the beaver!

And she really liked climbing up the slide!

Soon I'll have my new camera and will be able to take better pictures than with my cell phone, but this'll have to do for now....

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