Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tell Me About It!

Today Melissa and I took Sadie and Jillian to see Elmo at ChildFest 2008 at Wilde Lake High School. Elmo wasn't quite what we expected. You see, it was the REAL Elmo. The muppet Elmo. And the real guy that does the voice of Elmo. Which was actually pretty cool, but not especially impressive for the kids. I got to snap a couple pictures of Elmo greeting some children from the audience (apparently I wasn't supposed to be taking pictures...oops!).

After our somewhat disappointing trip to see Elmo we went back to Melissa's so the girls could play in Sadie's awesome playroom.

Sadie showed Jillian how her toy piano worked.

Then the girls watched Bailey the poodle out on the deck.

Finally, Sadie demonstrated the ins and outs of her play house!

When we got home, Jillian told me all about it. She started doing this last night at Granny's house...babbling with actual consonant sounds!! Ba ba ba ba ba ba....

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