Wednesday, October 8, 2008


After the unfortunate cookie-stealing incident, Jillian and I went up in her room to play for a while. I took plenty of pictures, as I had been going through camera-withdrawal over the past week.

We played hide the baby...

Then Jillian showed me that despite all her toys, she'd much rather play with the tube of lotion.

She sure wants something in that closet!

Jillian likes Eeyore - his tail velcros on and off (even though it's still attached by a ribbon).

And we have a new favorite book, "That's Not My Bear". She's never really taken to the touchy-feely books, but this one is a winner with her!!!

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Jen Sellers said...

Molly never really took to the touchy-feely books either, and then "That's Not My Fairy" appeared! She loves it.