Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh What Fun!

When you're a baby, even the simplest things can be exciting!

Jillian loves the new "sippy" cup (with a straw) I bought her today.

This evening Jillian helped me clean out the laundry basket in which I used to keep our "essentials" when she was a tinier baby. We found some toys and books that we hadn't seen in a while.

Jillian proceeded to empty the basket and climb right in.

Then she settled down with a good book.

And one last thing - if you're interested to see what's been going on in our "grown-up" world, check out my husband's most recent blog post for information on our new company. It's official - we're small business owners!

1 comment:

Carlson Family said...

Wow...congrats on the new business! I love the pic of Jillian reading in the basket - precious!