Thursday, October 16, 2008

Odds and Ends

So I have proof now of Jillian's standing up skills. Thank you for taking the pictures at the library the other day Lindsey!!!!

I included all four pictures to show just how long Jillian stood there.

This morning the Little Sunshine Trading Company in Ellicott City hosted our moms group in their play room. It was a nice little room just off the store - awesome store by the way.

"Jack & Jill"

Jillian liked the blue rug...

...and discovering all the cool things that the store has...

...and she liked the red rug, too....

On a completely unrelated note, we got a great deal at Bath & Body Works earlier this week. We had gotten a couple coupons in the mail, so we stopped in to see what we "needed". They have their stuffed lambies in and the small lambie was FREE with a $15 purchase. I tried out the Twisted Peppermint lotion and had to have it. It makes you feel all cool and peppermint-y but still has a sweet smell - YUMMY! We grabbed a couple other things and got our free lambie (they have gray ones, black ones, brown ones; we picked a white one) - hooray!

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