Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Library Play Time!

Instead of having the moms group over to my house today (and possibly exposing everyone to some flu germs), we met at the Elkridge Library again for Play Partners. Apparently "our secret" is out though, and it was packed today!

Jillian showed off her abilities to stand on her own. Then she enjoyed ringing the bells. So much in fact, that I had to trick her to get them back without fussing!

Brooks wanted to play with Jillian's bells too.

Jillian likes playing with the balls outside of the ball "pit" more than actually being in the ball pit.

This is the closest I got to getting a picture with all the babies from our group. Needless to say, none of them are looking at the camera this time.

Later this afternoon, Jillian played with her favorite toy - Gus the cat.

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John Tindale said...

Yeah, of course she looks all cute when she's not trying to pull the usb cord out of the back of a laptop!