Tuesday, October 21, 2008


While we didn't make it to Clark's Elioal Farm this morning with the moms group, Jillian and I did get up there this afternoon.

What do you mean we missed our friends?!?

Jilly picked out some pumpkins to decorate our front steps.

Lookout pumpkins...it's a Jilly-Cow!

Then we walked around and checked out the Enchanted Forest stuff.

Jillian greeted the bear.

Then I let her do what all girls should get to do...crawl around in the dirt and leaves and get dirty!

We crawled around the Crooked Old Man with the Crooked Old House.

Jillian explored Willie the Whale.

And I think her favorite was Jack & Jill.

Bye Bye Clark's Farm - we'll have to come back and play on the slides and bigger kid stuff soon!

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Carlson Family said...

So cute - I especially love Jillian climbing on Jack & Jill! What a pic it would have made if our Jack and Jill were there together. We missed you guys today!