Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Adventures, Part One

Since mid-week, Jillian hasn't been feeling that great. She's cutting another tooth and had been running fevers a couple nights during the week. Now this is pretty unusual for her - before this, she's only had a fever one time, and that was after her second Hep B shot. We did go to the doctor yesterday and she's just fine, doc said she probably picked up a little virus somewhere and for us to keep doing what we were doing. So that made me feel a little better. Jillian tried drinking some water out of her sippy cup again. She's not so good at it yet (notice water spots all over)....

She does much better getting a shoe in her mouth. At least her own shoes are a little cleaner than mine, since she doesn't really do any walking around in them.

Later Saturday evening, we went to visit Bubby and Paw-Paw for their annual Crab Feast. Jillian held up really well, especially for not feeling well. I think the change of scenery did her some good. She got to play with the dogs...

...and got schooled about the Jonas Brothers by Bubby's niece.

Of course hugs from daddy always go over well too.

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