Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rough & Tumble Girl

After our last swim class today, we went to Emily's for Moms Group. Jillian loves discovering new toys.

She and her new friend Christian played together.

And even though she's tiny, she can be a little rough. Not only did she pull Cady's hair and try to eat her head, she kept trying to steal toys from the other babies. Looks like we need to work on "gentle" and "sharing".

Jillian sure loves anything she can ride on!

Later in the afternoon, poor Jillian was super sad after naptime. I checked her teeth and sure enough, her first top one is breaking through. You can see it through the hole it's poked in her gum. Poor baby! After her infant Tylenol kicked in, she felt a bit better and did some playing around the house. She's finally enjoying the big purple octopus I bought her at a yard sale early this summer!

She even had a second wind right before bedtime - of course! Maybe she tired herself out playing some more and will sleep longer tonight...


The Kento Beans said...

Yay for playtime with new toys and fun friends!!! Sorry about the tooth pain, though. :-(

Bam Bam's Mom said...

You are so right..the littlest one out of the bunch but the toughest one too. She is too cute!