Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Long Days...and Nights....

Jillian is getting a new tooth. That means sleepless nights and cranky days. Two sleepless nights down, and another one on the way, so it seems. Today we went over to our friend Ali's house for a little while. She has a baby girl older than Jillian and is expecting a baby boy in November. That means heaps and heaps of baby girl clothes, hats, jackets, and shoes for us!



We also got a Little Tikes Little Champs Sports Center and a nice wooden rocking horse!

Besides that, today was spent fighting sleep and keeping Jilly's fever down. Poor little one. I feel awfully bad, but I know she'd be a bit happier if she'd sleep some. And I'm pretty sure I'd feel better if I slept some too. Hopefully this tooth will break through SOON and we our household can get back to normal!

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Bam Bam's Mom said...

How cute is she in her little hat! I love those vans!