Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fall Fun!

While it's not officially fall yet, the onset of fall means two things for me. The return of NFL football and fall beers. After church today, I threw on my jersey and camped out on the couch for an afternoon of football. Oh how I've missed it. My fantasy team did well, and my Cowboys won. Jillian hung out with me, but she did more playing that football watching. It's cute to see her start to pick her favorite toys and stuffed animals. Until recently, she really hasn't favored one thing over the next. She sure has taken to her pink bear, Rosebearie. I think she likes it because it's close to her size and soft, but really lightweight for her to drag around.

Being a dark"er" beer lover, I find many more seasonals this time of year that suit my tastes than I do in the spring and summer. First up this fall...pumpkin beers. These are the three I had this afternoon/evening. My favorite of the bunch was the Wolaver's. I'm not especially fanatic about organic stuff, but the fact that the Will Stevens' Pumpkin Ale is organic is a plus! And it is quite tasty. I'll have to stock up. I bought a mixed six pack of pumpkin beers last week, so I could try a variety without being stuck with a full six pack of something I didn't love.


Cmaaarrr!!! said...

Of those three, I've only had the Buffalo Bills, which seemed a bit too "pumpkin juicy" for my taste.

I'll have to give the Wolaver's a spin. :)

One of my favorites is the Wild Goose Pumpkin Patch Ale - recommended if you have never tried it.

The Kento Beans said...

I passed along word of this entry tonight to a friend who was VERY interested in pumpkin beer recs. Keep up the connoisseur-ism so we can continue to get beverage suggestions!