Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Droopy Drawers!

Yesterday was a pretty mundane day. Daddy stayed home and other than a short trip to Target, we just chilled out here. Today we went to Rock Hill Orchard to pick some more apples. We loaded up on Jonathan and Empire apples this time. Jillian enjoyed a little apple while we worked at picking.

When we got home, Jillian spent some time playing with her sport center - focusing on the football. Touchdown!

Then we played with our activity table. Jillian just recently learned about the pictures under the "book" pages. She really thinks those pages should come off.

Lately Jillian is into pushing boundaries. Whatever she isn't supposed to get into, she's into. Over and over again. When Daddy got home, she spent time using him as a jungle gym - climbing up to stand on his shoulder and trying to get the caulk gun and Home Depot bag. Bad baby!

And this is how our little daredevil feels about seat belts.

What a tiny hiney this little girl has. This is status quo at our house for wearing pants.

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