Thursday, August 14, 2008

Vacation - Installment 2...Sun & Fun

After a somewhat fitful night of sleep, it was time to start a new day. It's tough sleeping in a new place, so Jillian got a nap before we headed off to the beach. She really took to her Peapod travel bed.

Then we packed up and headed up the street to the beach. Again Jillian wasn't thrilled with the ocean in the surf, but daddy held her and took her in the ocean since it was pretty calm early on in the afternoon. And that wasn't too bad at all. After a little "swimming", she and I got out of the ocean and headed for our beach blanket. We played in the sand some more.

Jillian got sand everywhere. And I can't remember the last time that I was that sandy. But it didn't bother her!

I let Jillian try out the beach chair, but she wouldn't stay seated. No big surprise there - my little climber.

She thinks she's such hot stuff now. "Look Mom - I only need one hand!"

I didn't know how long Jillian would last, but she and I stayed at the beach with the boys for about two hours. I thought that was pretty good. She was asleep in her stroller by the time we crossed Coastal Highway.

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Melissa said...

I am jealous! Sadie hates the sand! She gets mad whenever she touches it.