Thursday, August 14, 2008

Vacation - Installment 1...Our Trip and Arrival

On Monday we left for Ocean City, MD: John, Josh (my stepson), Jillian and I. We planned this trip during the week specifically to avoid the crazy weekend beach traffic. Unfortunately, there was an awful accident on the Bay Bridge Sunday that involved a tractor trailer going over the edge and lane closure(s). By Monday afternoon when we were on the road, a lane was still closed. So much for avoiding traffic. I must say, you don't see barges pulling tractor trailers out of the Bay every day though.

After a grueling 5+ hours in the car, we arrived at the beach. We stayed at my Aunt Betsy's beach house - I must say it was a great place and the hospitality awesome - thank you Aunt Betsy for letting us come and stay with you!! As soon as we arrived, we went out to the beach to let Jillian check it out. She was a little wary of the waves and the loud crashing associated with them.

But she tried it out, with mommy's help. Not the biggest hit, but we'd try again the next day.

Then we let Jillian see how she felt about sand. She immediately got her hands in it and did some crawling around. Verdict: sand is fun.

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