Friday, August 29, 2008

Safety and Technology

What a mundane sounding topic! Well, it kind of is. We did more baby proofing today. We're really close to having our living room baby safe. And it can't be soon enough for me. I can't hardly walk away without her being into something she shouldn't be. Tomorrow at the yard sale I'm attempting to sell a wrought iron & glass table that holds hanging wine glasses and twelve wine bottles, a spiral, wooden, tiered plant stand, and a wooden end table that's just not stable enough for Jillian to use for balance when standing up. If they don't to Salvation Army they go - I'm not bringing anything home!

We went to Babies 'R' Us with our coupon for 15% off all safety items and baby gates and bought a new baby gate that works much better for us. We also got a table edge guard with corners and a four piece jumbo edge guard. Our coffee table now has soft edges and corners (though may not be as aesthetically pleasing as it once was) and our DVD bookcases have soft edges too.

I'm still stuck on what to do with cords, but I think I found something that will help us. Jillian's grandmother may get them for us...which would be a bonus.

Tonight, daddy bought himself a new iPod jacket. He got a pack that had a couple different colored ones, and he decided that turquoise wasn't for him. So Jillian had a go at it. I guess the material felt good on her little gums. I just thought it was funny seeing her chewing on an iPod jacket. When it comes to technology, it freaks me out how different everything is now than when I was growing up.

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