Thursday, August 28, 2008

No Fear

Jillian is officially out of control, all over the place and into everything! Notice the new boo-boo on her left cheek. She fell down when trying to stand on the DVD s on the floor. And how did those DVD s get on the floor? Naturally, she pulled them off the shelves. This is her new favorite pastime.

She got introduced to her new Eeyore today, too. I love Eeyore, and finally got an excuse to buy her one at the Disney store the other day. She fell in love with Flik from "A Bug's Life", I mean death-grip-won't-let-go-so-the-cashier-can-ring-it-up in love. And the plush animals were 2 for $20. So I picked up the Eeyore I've been eying for months. She liked him, but when it came to her teething and climbing, poor Eeyore never stood a chance...

She's always loved her jumper, but now that she's mobile she really isn't into being confined into anything. I think it's time for an activity table. She's been walking around the jumper playing with its toys. Which is fine, except that the jumper, well, jumps. I keep waiting for it to spring back up and nail her in the chin. Looks like it's time to move on!

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Carlson Family said...

I can't believe how active and mobile she is!!! Its so crazy to think that Jillian was born only hours after Cadence.