Friday, August 8, 2008

More Fun & Firsts!

This morning Jillian and I went to swim class again, to make up the class we'll miss from being on vacation next week. After class, I made a "real" breakfast, and Jillian and I shared some Key Lime yogurt, Maple & Brown Sugar oatmeal and apple juice (diluted for her). This was a very big hit with her, and she took a fantastic nap for me afterwards!

Even Gus the cat got to join our breakfast adventures!

After that great nap, we went to Lake Elkhorn Park so Jillian could swing on the swingset for a while. We had attempted yesterday, but the weather kept us away. My little daredevil loves swinging just as high as she can!

Our next adventure was checking out The Perfect Pour , a beer/wine/spirit store over by the "new" Trader Joes in Elkridge. My friend Liz just took a part time job there and told me about it just today, so we had to visit. What a fantastic place - I would have never known it was there. Any of you beer or wine enthusiasts out there reading this, go there. And as luck would have it we ran into Emily with Jillian's friend Brooks. The babies spent some quality cart time together while us moms made our selections.

Jillian is a fast learner!! Guess she wants that one. Must...childproof...more....

After we picked up Jillian's brother in Annapolis this evening, we all went to Three Brothers for a late dinner. Jillian tried a lemon slice. Despite the faces, and the massive quantities of drool it produced, she seemed to like it!

What a day! I think I'm more tired after our adventures today than little Jillian!!!

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