Thursday, August 21, 2008

Into Everything!

Childproofing is underway in the Tindale living room, but as it is our "living" room, it is definitely not the easiest room to childproof. Outlets are covered, long curtains are tied out of reach, baby gate is ready for the top of the basement steps and the dvd bookcases have been secured to the wall. So what do we do about cords? You know, those that plug the television into the wall, lights into the outlets, laptops into the power strip? Of course these are considerably more appealing to the little one than her colorful, fun toys.

Even her favorite jumper has become a baby hazard, as seen by the booboo on her forehead. It is her favorite thing to pull up and teethe on right now. Why? Because it's metal and hard.

All I can say is that it's a good thing she has a hard head like her mommy and daddy, and that we have plenty of baby Tylenol and band-aids! I have a feeling we'll be spending plenty of time kissing booboos and wiping away tears in the coming weeks and months.

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