Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby Olympics

In honor of the Summer Olympics, Jillian has devised her own Olympic sport: binkie chucking. At night I put Jillian down with several binkies in her crib, so that there's always one within reach. I have a breathable bumper that acts more as a barrier to binkies falling out than an actual bumper. But somehow I still step on at least two binkies when I go into her room at night in the dark. And they're not actually close to the crib. Sometimes I find them under her crib. Just once, I'd like to catch her in the act. What other Baby Olympic events have your little ones come up with? Bonus points for getting a picture of it...see below.

Note: in an effort to snap a picture of Jillian dangling her binkie out of her crib, we made a trip upstairs, and I gave her one which she immediately put in her mouth. So I handed her a second one to hold. She promptly spit out the first one and put the second one in her mouth. I tried this about four times or so, and with the giggly shriek of delight at my last attempt, I realized that this was a new sort of game to her. At this point I wised up and stopped trying to get that picture.

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