Sunday, August 3, 2008

Adventures in Reading

They say to read to your babies to instill a love of reading in them early. Well, so far, Jillian hasn't had much interest in reading, or more precisely, in me reading to her. But she has started enjoying books. Well, sort of. She rather enjoys the pictures, and of course, chewing on them.

Here was today's adventure:

Wow! A big book of baby animals!!

I'm ready to read!

Look, I can do it all by myself!

Books sometimes make me mad.

Ah, this is more my speed!

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elaine@bloginmyeye said...

Doh, librarian here. Just gotta tweak your definition of "reading" a little. Exploring any books baby-style is just fine. I love the stage where they're becoming verbal and they just soak in those "first word" books kinda like the one she's holding. You can learn so much about each other by just throwing a book in the mix. Read! Read! Read! (stepping down off of soapbox now) (almost)...I loved those cloth books with crinkly things inside them when my babies were this age.