Friday, August 1, 2008


What an exciting day today! We met Lindsey, Cadence, Emily, Jack and Emily's mom at Dickinson pool for some sun and fun. Many thanks to Emily and her mom for the great pictures!!! We played in the big pool and the baby pool and Jillian shared her turtle floatie with her new friends. The babies got to practice their new swimming skills like going under water...


and most importantly, playing!

Us moms just got to have fun playing with the babies and hanging out. Jillian was brave and tried out the blue rocking sea horse. She likes things that rock, but hasn't learned about hard vs. soft. So it made her sad when she tried to eat it and bumped her nose on it. It was hard. But she got over it quickly and got right back on and tried it again, with happier results. This is today's featured picture:

Later on, we all went to the Frisco Grille for dinner and beers, since there was another showing at the house between 7-8pm.

Jillian likes guacamole and she chilled in the high chair eating guac and conversing with all the restuarant patrons that would smile at her.

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Carlson Family said...

We had so much fun at the pool - thanks for getting us in! Can't wait to do it again.