Sunday, August 31, 2008

Family Fun

This morning Jillian's brother Josh got baptized at church, so I dressed her up a little more than her usual church attire. The fancy dress didn't phase her, and as soon as we got home, she was up to her old tricks again.

After we got changed out of our fancy clothes, we headed up to Gettysburg, PA for the annual family reunion. This was Jillian's first official family reunion, since she was "on the inside" last summer. Jilly got to have some people food for beans, scalloped potatoes, macaroni and cheese, watermelon, cantaloupe. The watermelon rind was a huge hit! She had a great time meeting new family members and spending time with her Granny, Bubby, and Paw-Paw.


Need I say more?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Yard Sale Fun

Jillian and I gathered our things and took them up to the Community Yard Sale at the new Glen Mar United Methodist Church in Ellicott City today - thanks for the info Emily K! Jillian was a social butterfly, chatting and waving at passersby all morning until it was all too much and she got in our Ergo carrier and took a nap. We successfully peddled our wares and bought Jillian some new awesome toys!

For an appetizer this evening, I peeled some grapes and put them in her "teabag" pop. Apparently they were not a hit in terms of flavor. But she did like the way they felt. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Safety and Technology

What a mundane sounding topic! Well, it kind of is. We did more baby proofing today. We're really close to having our living room baby safe. And it can't be soon enough for me. I can't hardly walk away without her being into something she shouldn't be. Tomorrow at the yard sale I'm attempting to sell a wrought iron & glass table that holds hanging wine glasses and twelve wine bottles, a spiral, wooden, tiered plant stand, and a wooden end table that's just not stable enough for Jillian to use for balance when standing up. If they don't to Salvation Army they go - I'm not bringing anything home!

We went to Babies 'R' Us with our coupon for 15% off all safety items and baby gates and bought a new baby gate that works much better for us. We also got a table edge guard with corners and a four piece jumbo edge guard. Our coffee table now has soft edges and corners (though may not be as aesthetically pleasing as it once was) and our DVD bookcases have soft edges too.

I'm still stuck on what to do with cords, but I think I found something that will help us. Jillian's grandmother may get them for us...which would be a bonus.

Tonight, daddy bought himself a new iPod jacket. He got a pack that had a couple different colored ones, and he decided that turquoise wasn't for him. So Jillian had a go at it. I guess the material felt good on her little gums. I just thought it was funny seeing her chewing on an iPod jacket. When it comes to technology, it freaks me out how different everything is now than when I was growing up.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

No Fear

Jillian is officially out of control, all over the place and into everything! Notice the new boo-boo on her left cheek. She fell down when trying to stand on the DVD s on the floor. And how did those DVD s get on the floor? Naturally, she pulled them off the shelves. This is her new favorite pastime.

She got introduced to her new Eeyore today, too. I love Eeyore, and finally got an excuse to buy her one at the Disney store the other day. She fell in love with Flik from "A Bug's Life", I mean death-grip-won't-let-go-so-the-cashier-can-ring-it-up in love. And the plush animals were 2 for $20. So I picked up the Eeyore I've been eying for months. She liked him, but when it came to her teething and climbing, poor Eeyore never stood a chance...

She's always loved her jumper, but now that she's mobile she really isn't into being confined into anything. I think it's time for an activity table. She's been walking around the jumper playing with its toys. Which is fine, except that the jumper, well, jumps. I keep waiting for it to spring back up and nail her in the chin. Looks like it's time to move on!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Road Trip!

We took a little day trip up to Lancaster, PA today, and Jillian had a great time! She was super good, considering all the time my little "mover & shaker" spent sitting the car, in the stroller, in the brewery, etc. We had lunch at the Lancaster Brewing Company.

They had great food - Jillian's favorite, hummus, was on the menu.

The samplers were great - each sampler had nine samples!!!

Then we headed up the road to the Rockvale Outlets. We went to Carter's, the Borders Outlet, and the Disney Store, where Jillian picked out a new toy - Flik from "A Bug's Life".

Our last stop was the Nissley Wine store, where they sell wines from Nissley Vineyards. We stocked up and headed home. What a nice day trip!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Mouth Woes

Jillian has been awaiting the appearance of her top teeth pretty much since her bottom teeth broke through. And we're still waiting. Some days her top gums just hurt more than others. Today was one of those days.

Baby Olympics

In honor of the Summer Olympics, Jillian has devised her own Olympic sport: binkie chucking. At night I put Jillian down with several binkies in her crib, so that there's always one within reach. I have a breathable bumper that acts more as a barrier to binkies falling out than an actual bumper. But somehow I still step on at least two binkies when I go into her room at night in the dark. And they're not actually close to the crib. Sometimes I find them under her crib. Just once, I'd like to catch her in the act. What other Baby Olympic events have your little ones come up with? Bonus points for getting a picture of it...see below.

Note: in an effort to snap a picture of Jillian dangling her binkie out of her crib, we made a trip upstairs, and I gave her one which she immediately put in her mouth. So I handed her a second one to hold. She promptly spit out the first one and put the second one in her mouth. I tried this about four times or so, and with the giggly shriek of delight at my last attempt, I realized that this was a new sort of game to her. At this point I wised up and stopped trying to get that picture.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Om Nom Nom Nom

For more om nom nom nom fun, check out this website.

A Night at NiNi and Poppop's House

Jillian had her fist overnight visit with her grandparents this weekend. When we got there, her NiNi had a surprise waiting - this awesome ride-on toy! It has three different "stories" on the dashboard and each story has a whole different set of sounds associated with it. And the coolest part - it has a seat belt for my tiny heinied little adventurer. We even got to bring it home with us!

While I was there today, I went through some of my boxes of stuffed animals from when I was a little one, and gave Jillian my little dog "Barkley" to add to her collection.

Jillian had a nice time and got to spend some time with her great-grandmother who visited while she was there. She slept well for her grandparents, only getting up one time in the middle of the night. I wish she'd sleep that great for us! Daddy and I had a very nice, overdue evening out and stayed out late! One thing I don't miss about pre-motherhood...hangovers!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Is it just me, or doesn't this symbol seem absolutely harmless?

Heck, it could mean, green, natural, made from plants, etc. But it doesn't.
It is the international symbol indicating a food product has been irradiated, called the Radura.
I looked it up because a friend of mine blogged an article in the Wall Street Journal about the FDA allowing the irradiation of spinach and lettuce.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Babies - Life's Little Pick-Me-Up

Ever have one of those days? Not one of those days where everything goes miserably wrong, but one of those days when all the little things that have gone wrong over the past couple weeks or months catch up to you and all hit you upside your head at once? Jillian and I got up and had a nice breakfast, a little nap, and then went to the pool. We had a nice time. Then we came home. She slept for a little while, but then woke up. Not to be put back down. This is not a good thing - she gets very fussy without a solid nap (so does mommy...). It all went down hill from there. I sorted through our bills to pay - never fun. Then I got a call that we were going to have a showing this evening. And because Jillian saw fit to not take a "real" afternoon nap, I didn't get to go up to the church and work on the project I've neglected for the past couple weeks. We met a friend for dinner and got home to find out that daddy's ex-wife screwed up the weekend schedule and my stepson had been waiting at his grandmother's for his dad to pick him up for the weekend (tomorrow night is our fantasy football draft and my mom is keeping the baby OVERNIGHT for the first time - first time baby-less in, well, since she was born!). My mind's on back to school since that's what is happening for kids next week. Here's today's report card for Mel:
Wife - FAIL - let our checking account overdraft
Mom - FAIL - getting frustrated with baby that won't sleep at night or nap during the day
Churchie - FAIL - neglecting project that I've commited to completing
Home Seller - FAIL - no one wants to buy the house, despite all my hard work and having over 50 showings
Step-Mom - FAIL - angry that we have my stepson this weekend because we were not supposed to have him
Friend - PASS - finally fit in dinner with a friend who I haven't had dinner with since I was pregnant

Then I look at little Jillian being so darn cute...and it's really not as bad as I thought.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Into Everything!

Childproofing is underway in the Tindale living room, but as it is our "living" room, it is definitely not the easiest room to childproof. Outlets are covered, long curtains are tied out of reach, baby gate is ready for the top of the basement steps and the dvd bookcases have been secured to the wall. So what do we do about cords? You know, those that plug the television into the wall, lights into the outlets, laptops into the power strip? Of course these are considerably more appealing to the little one than her colorful, fun toys.

Even her favorite jumper has become a baby hazard, as seen by the booboo on her forehead. It is her favorite thing to pull up and teethe on right now. Why? Because it's metal and hard.

All I can say is that it's a good thing she has a hard head like her mommy and daddy, and that we have plenty of baby Tylenol and band-aids! I have a feeling we'll be spending plenty of time kissing booboos and wiping away tears in the coming weeks and months.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Helloooo Out There!

Over the past couple weeks, Jillian has developed an interest in her hands. She claps, splashes in the pool and in the bathtub, and now she waves! And the coolest part is, she's starting to wave when a wave is called for. Never a dull moment...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Adventures in Swimming and Dining

We had another swimming lesson this morning. I brought the video camera along so I could get some footage of Jillian going under water. She's starting to consistently close her mouth before she goes under now.

For dinner, Jillian had some hummus (her favorite) and apple butter (a newly discovered treat). Little Miss Independent wanted to try the food with her hands tonight, and since we were going to have a bath anyway, I figured, why not?


Jillian has never been the most patient baby, but she is now starting to show anger. I took this picture of her last night...I don't think any more words are necessary.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Splish, Splash...

I bought Jillian the duck tub today, only after she arched and tried to take a dive out of her baby sink-tub the other evening. Well, I think it was a hit. Except that she kept trying to climb out. Now that she can stand up, apparently she feels that she MUST stand up. All the time. Notice the boo-boo on her forehead. That's from falling down Sunday night.

Also, I started playing with the videos I've been taking. Here's a video from the new duck tub experience.

I'll probably be doing more with videos and put some of them here, but the rest will be on my YouTube site.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Port Discovery

Today Jillian and I met Melissa and Sadie at Port Discovery. I've been wanting to check it out there, since they advertised several permanent exhibits for "All Ages" and "Birth - 4". I figured these apply to Jillian, and kids under 2 are free. Well, it was all kinds of fun! Today's theme was the Tortoise and the Hare. We went to Circle Time when we got there and Jillian got to pet a turtle and a rabbit.

Then we checked out Sensation Station. Jillian looked at the big tubes of water and bubbles.

I think the mirrors behind the water tubes were a bigger hit than the bubbles.

We played with the toys there and Jillian tried her hand at putting pieces in a puzzle.

Then the girls played in the ball pit. Sadie tried climbing out of it, while Jillian got "stuck" and wasn't too thrilled about that. But she did like standing in them, even if mommy did have to hold her hand.

We went back to the Oasis for the Kindersinger, and although getting sleepy, Jillian managed to enjoy the singing.

Afterwards, Sadie and Jillian played on the big, stuffed dogs.

And of course, I had to have the mommy torture moment, when I made Jillian pose in the faceless Pocahontas (I think?).

Friday, August 15, 2008

Applause Anyone?

Over the past couple weeks, I've been trying to teach Jillian how to clap her hands. Well, it seems she's gotten the hang of it. Now the really hard part - teaching her WHEN to clap...

Vacation - Final Installment...Boat Trip

Our last big adventure was a boat trip. My cousin Julie flew in from Seattle Wednesday night and my Uncle Doug brought her down to the beach. She wanted to take a boat trip. So we went and bought Jillian a life jacket that was rated for her size. It was pretty tough to find, since we couldn't find the more compact (and cooler looking) ones in her size at this point in the season. We settled for the good, old-fashioned orange bulky one that is rated for children "under 50 pounds". Well, Jillian fits that description. She was not thrilled about this.

It was a little rough on the bay today, but we ventured out to the Route 90 bridge.

Jillian enjoyed herself, and was rocked to sleep. I guess she felt like she was back in the mommy's belly.

As you may have noticed, sleeping is a big theme of our trip. Apparently vacation is exhausing!

Vacation - Installment 5...Mini-Golf

For our last day, and Josh's birthday, we went miniature golfing in the morning. It was a pretty cool golf course: Professor Hacker's Lost Treasure Golf.

Jillian rode along in her carrier again. I wonder how many handicap strokes I get for golfing with a baby on my back?

None of us hit par on the course; John won. But we still had a blast!

Vacation - Installment 4...Funland

Wednesday evening we rode up to Rehoboth Beach, DE to visit the Dogfish Head restaurant and go to Funland. John and Josh took a spin on the bumper cars.

Jillian rode the carousel (twice!), and that little daredevil loved it!

Then I got out my Ergo baby carrier, and for the first time wore it on my back. I mean, how else was I supposed to play skee ball? She was asleep soon after our skee ball adventures.

Vacation - Installment 3...Go Fly a Kite!

John and I have sort of made a tradition of kite flying at the beach, since he learned that throughout my childhood I had never actually flown a kite successfully. We went to the Kite Loft to buy one to fly on Wednesday. Nothing too fancy, or so we thought. We should have known when it came with an instructional dvd - which we didn't watch, of course...

This was a two hand operation kite. John and Josh worked hard to get it in the air.

Jillian supervised from her stroller.

Supervising is hard work. Apparently Jillian enjoys napping on the beach just as much as mommy does!

Once Jillian was napping, I was free to help John with the kite. Finally, we got the kite in the air. It was a little tricky to fly, but once we got the hang of it, it was pretty cool!

I even got to give it a try!!!