Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Moms Group

Last week at the mall, Jillian and I sat down at a table with some other moms and babies. Turns out they're a moms group, and more specifically, probably the moms group I would have gotten hooked up with if Jillian and I would have been able to join the Howard County one after she was born. Unfortunately they met on Thursdays, and that day didn't work for us. So these nice moms invited me to join their group.

Today we met at Lindsey's house for mimosas (for moms) and play (for babies). Jillian really enjoyed making new friends. She spent some time getting to know Cadence and then made eyes at Jack for a bit. Miss Lindsey even had a rocking lamb that Jillian got to try out, and thought it was the coolest thing ever!! She has really enjoyed spending time with other babies, between her play date over the weekend and playing with these babies today, she has been Miss Happy in the evening - which is usually a pretty cranky time for her! Yay for baby socialization!!!

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