Saturday, July 26, 2008

Long Night, Big Day

So Thursday night, Jillian decided that she would NOT go to sleep alone. No matter how hard she was sleeping, as soon as we'd try and put her in her crib, it was instant wailing. Daddy went to bed, since he IS the breadwinner and it WAS a weeknight, and mommy conceded to staying up with the baby. Jillian and I slept on a makeshift bed of blankets and pillows on the living room floor. Well, Jillian went to sleep around 1am, fitfully, and mommy got bits of sleep ranging from 20 minutes long to about an hour. Ouch. After daddy got up and went to work, baby and mom took over the bed and crashed out until about noon. That helped both of us.

We ended up having a pretty big day, even though it was shorter than usual because of our late start. Jillian went up to the church with me, so I could get started on a project up there. Murphy's Law in full effect, the blanket I had in the trunk for her to play on somehow got soaked with windshield washer fluid. Luckily, I had the "Snazzy Baby" seat that her grandmother bought us. I hadn't used it before yesterday, but we had to do something. So I found a chair and attached it. And it worked like a charm! For a cranky, teething baby, she played with toys, i.e. threw them on the floor for mommy to pick up, for about an hour. Not too shabby!

After our afternoon nap, we went to the grocery store. Jillian sat in the front of the cart sans shopping cart cover like a really big girl. She's just as happy like that, it appears she likes sitting as far forward as possible, and not being strapped to the back part of the seat. She hangs on, but definitely prefers the flimsy, built in "seat belt" on the shopping cart. Great.

And then we rode home in our big girl convertible car seat. I've finally had it with the car seat/base combo, or 'bucket' as we call it. I've had enough with the bruises on the sides of my thighs from lugging it around everywhere. So I stopped by our storage unit and grabbed the convertible seat that Miss Kathy from church had given us. It seems that too was a success. We're going to the beach in a couple weeks, and I really wanted her to have some time to adjust to it before riding that long in it. Well, I needn't have worried. What an eventful day!!!

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