Thursday, July 31, 2008


Jillian and I walked through Sears today on the way out of the mall, and I decided to breeze through their baby department. Now I've never been much of a shopper, at least, I wasn't until I had a baby girl. All these adorable baby girl clothes and awesome baby toys lure me in every time. Seriously, I love them all.
So I've set myself a $5 rule when it comes to baby clothes. When I buy them, each item needs to average out in price to $5 or less. So if I buy something for $7.50, I better find something for $2.50. Today we hit the jackpot - all of the clearance baby clothes at Sears are 40% off the sale price. I picked up nine, yes nine, items for her for next summer, all size 18 months, for get this, under $28 after tax. Wow. This baby is SO ready for next summer.

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Carlson Family said...

Awesome...I just might need to check out Sears!