Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Today was an exciting day! It started with Jillian joining me in bed this morning, me falling back asleep, and her rolling off the bed. I was awakened by a thump and the crying that followed. All was fine though, she was more startled than anything.

After that debacle, we got to go to our first Mommy & Me swim class at the Kid's First Swim School in Jessup with some of the other moms from the moms group and their babies. What fun! While not our first time in a pool, it was our first time going under the water. Woohoo! Lindsey took pictures with her waterproof camera for us - thanks Lindsey!

Jillian was exhausted this afternoon because she only took a little snooze in the car after swimming. So we layed low and hung out around the house playing. Jillian discovered these Fisher Price Stack & Roll Cups at our friend Melissa's house a couple weekends ago, and luckily I had them at home. I just hadn't gotten them out of her toybox as I thought they were "too old" for her. Apparently I was wrong. She doesn't stack them or anything, but she LOVES playing with them...banging them around, chewing on them, etc. Thank you Aunt Betsy, for the awesome gift!

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